Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Internet Marketing - Toenail Fungus????

What the heck is a niche doing in Internet marketing? I always thought that a niche was a small architectural place that highlighted special items ... EXACTLY!!!

While not actually architectural, in the Internet marketing business, Niche Marketing, is taking care of a small market of customers whose needs are not being met by the mainstream providers.

A successful niche is one that targets the needs of a small group of folks with "specific" needs and guess what, these needs are not being met by anyone else, or at least not well.

While these markets tend to be small in nature, they can become little moneymakers due to your specialization. The ability to focus in on a small segment, meet their needs successfully makes YOU, the niche marketer, the KING!

Yes, many niche markets are ignored by large businesses due to what they consider to be their small potential, but this in turn is part of the process that makes the niche market available to smaller businesses. The key to capitalizing on a niche market is to find or develop a market niche that has customers who are accessible and that is growing or unsatisfied with the current products out there.

OK, now down to business ... how to find one of these niches. I always use my Keyword Analyzer tool. Yes, it does cost some money, but you will make it back tenfold! Put in a word or keyword phrase, push the button and watch for the results. The analyzer will tell you how many people are searching on the Internet for information on this particular problem.

For this article, I use the keywords "toenail fungus" ...... you know, those yukky looking yellow nails that some people get? Now if you have toenails that look like this, you know that it is a REAL problem. I mean who wants to play "footsie" with you. In other words, these folks are quite motivated to find a remedy ... and you my friend might well turn out to be the toenail fungus KING!!!

My Keyword Analyzer gave me the following results:
  • 686 people per day search this term
  • there are 403,000 pages out already
  • 373,000 pages use the "exact" term, if you search with quotes
  • there were 82 paid ads for toenail fungus treatment on GOOGLE
These results are quite promising, but you should dig further with your keyword searches. In other words a niche within the niche. Keyword Research Tool is a neat tool that also helps with this further digging. There is a free version as well as a paid version. Using KD, I found out that:
  • 10 people per day search "apple cider vinegar and toenail fungus"
  • 8 people per day look up "human urine kills toenail fungus" ... YIKES!
  • 8 people per day query "listerine and toenail fungus"
OK, you get the idea .... deep research is what truly sets you up for success. This is your due diligence and you can't skimp on this. It may take you days to find the niche, but think of it as mining for gold.

So, spend the time, keep track of your results and then go from there ... btw, my husband is still scratching his head over how I came up with toenail fungus ... LOL!

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