Monday, December 29, 2008

The Top Internet Marketing Tip - BLOG!

Top 10 internet marketing tips can ends 2008 by sharing this MASSIVE secret with you ... BLOG!

OK, we are all ready with our New Years resolutions and vow to finally make money online by using internet marketing. If you could do one thing that would make a HUGE difference in your online profits it would be a four letter word .... BLOG!

Blogs are a great way to make money as a stand alone business or a SUPER way to promote another business. Search engines love blogs, the "spiders devour all the spider food (unique new content) that you write about and they are a great way to direct traffic to your business or website.

Creating a blog is inexpensive (FREE) and easy to do. Of course you can pay someone to do this for you, but I prefer to do it myself and invite guest bloggers occasionally. The only thing that blogging really requires is time ... how much you spend on it is up to you. You will find that your efforts will pay off and you should be able to generate income.

I like to use a blogging platform like blogger or word press ... they are free, can be learned easily and do not require you to be a master computer "dude or dudette"! Uploading files and very simple HTML are quickly learned to give you a professional looking result. Over the next few weeks we will walk and talk you through a few "secrets" that make for a successful blogging experience.

So get out your dancin' shoes and get ready to finally make the change from "if only" to "LOOK, what I did"!

Top ten internet marketing tips wishes you a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

#1 Internet Marketing Tip - 30 Day Challenge

My number ONE Internet marketing tip ... the 30 Day Challenge will change the way you look at internet marketing and the way you make money online.

This is a MUST do and pre-season is just winding down and then the Aussie Boys will really get serious. it is completely FREE ... so no excuses ... take a look ...

For thirty days these guys take you through how to use all the latest, hottest tips and tricks to work the internet to your advantage and make your first $10!

Remember, you heard about it hear ... don't delay ... it starts for real August 1st, but there is lots of pre-season info to get you going!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Internet Marketing - Toenail Fungus????

What the heck is a niche doing in Internet marketing? I always thought that a niche was a small architectural place that highlighted special items ... EXACTLY!!!

While not actually architectural, in the Internet marketing business, Niche Marketing, is taking care of a small market of customers whose needs are not being met by the mainstream providers.

A successful niche is one that targets the needs of a small group of folks with "specific" needs and guess what, these needs are not being met by anyone else, or at least not well.

While these markets tend to be small in nature, they can become little moneymakers due to your specialization. The ability to focus in on a small segment, meet their needs successfully makes YOU, the niche marketer, the KING!

Yes, many niche markets are ignored by large businesses due to what they consider to be their small potential, but this in turn is part of the process that makes the niche market available to smaller businesses. The key to capitalizing on a niche market is to find or develop a market niche that has customers who are accessible and that is growing or unsatisfied with the current products out there.

OK, now down to business ... how to find one of these niches. I always use my Keyword Analyzer tool. Yes, it does cost some money, but you will make it back tenfold! Put in a word or keyword phrase, push the button and watch for the results. The analyzer will tell you how many people are searching on the Internet for information on this particular problem.

For this article, I use the keywords "toenail fungus" ...... you know, those yukky looking yellow nails that some people get? Now if you have toenails that look like this, you know that it is a REAL problem. I mean who wants to play "footsie" with you. In other words, these folks are quite motivated to find a remedy ... and you my friend might well turn out to be the toenail fungus KING!!!

My Keyword Analyzer gave me the following results:
  • 686 people per day search this term
  • there are 403,000 pages out already
  • 373,000 pages use the "exact" term, if you search with quotes
  • there were 82 paid ads for toenail fungus treatment on GOOGLE
These results are quite promising, but you should dig further with your keyword searches. In other words a niche within the niche. Keyword Research Tool is a neat tool that also helps with this further digging. There is a free version as well as a paid version. Using KD, I found out that:
  • 10 people per day search "apple cider vinegar and toenail fungus"
  • 8 people per day look up "human urine kills toenail fungus" ... YIKES!
  • 8 people per day query "listerine and toenail fungus"
OK, you get the idea .... deep research is what truly sets you up for success. This is your due diligence and you can't skimp on this. It may take you days to find the niche, but think of it as mining for gold.

So, spend the time, keep track of your results and then go from there ... btw, my husband is still scratching his head over how I came up with toenail fungus ... LOL!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - Autoresponders, A Beautiful Thing!

An internet company convinces you to give them your name and e-mail for some promotional item like a newsletter or subscription to a service and you click the send button. You immediately receive an email from them answering you with some information. How’d they do that? Is there some person in a third world country sitting by their computer just waiting for an email to come in so they can respond? I think not!

You have just been put on their company autoresponder system. Autoresponders are just one of the cool things that you will need to set up when you really get serious about making money online.

Think of it as putting your business on autopilot. You create your messages and set the time that they will be sent out. You are in total control whether you want your messages to go out daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. There is no limit on how many messages you can use and you can load as many as you want into the autoresponder.

The autoresponder does a lot of the “heavy” lifting for you in your work at home business and will save you tons of time and energy. It has been proven that to generate sales you need to have a good follow up system. With the autoresponder, what could be easier?

Even if your website or blog doesn’t get a lot of visitors now, an autoresponder can still be a big help. As long as you are getting targeted visitors, you should always try to gather their email address. Some effective ways to do this are by offering free gifts or inviting people to sign up for free courses or newsletters. If you are providing something for free that your visitors are really interested in, they will gladly opt-in to your list with their email address and their name to get your free gifts. This will allow you to contact them with future offers. You may be starting out small, but if you are doing it consistently, the opt-in list will grow bigger and bigger from time to time and become a valuable asset of your online business.

We have been using the Marketing Makeover Generator for quite some time now … it is kind of your one stop shop for all sorts of internet services. The site was created and is operated by three of today's most successful internet marketers Rick Raddatz, Alex Mandossian, and Armand Morin. The site includes many services in addition to autoresponders and it is well worth your while to check it out!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

YIKES! What Do I Need to get Started in Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is quite a versatile business.

Some internet marketers actually go to work in an office for a boss that looks over their shoulder and are paid an hourly wage to input data. For others like myself, this sounds too much like a JOB! I chose internet marketing because of the flexibility it allows me in my life. I can work from home in my jammies at 3 AM if I want, or I can take my laptop down to the beach and listen to the surf roll in while I check my e-mails.

Don't get me wrong, internet marketing is work ... it is not a get rich quick scheme dreamed up by shady marketers, but an honest to goodness profession that requires focus, dedication and motivation to become a success!

Brick and mortar businesses usually require significant working capital to get up and running ... you know rent, telephone systems, electricity, advertising budgets, not to mention purchasing products for your particular business.

If you want to make money online from an internet marketing business then you get away with much less "up front" costs if you decide to work at home.

To get started you will need a computer. I like to use my laptop because of its portability. I have carried my laptop all over the world with me and have been able to make quick checks on my internet business from Europe to Honduras, the United States to the Bahamas. That is the WAY COOL thing about e-commerce ... as long as you have access to a hot spot, you are connected to the world! In the picture here I was visiting Guanaja, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras. I found an internet cafe, plugged in my USB stick and began writing down some info with a green crayon that I bummed off one of the local kids! Flexibility is a must!

The next thing you will need is an internet connection. A high speed connection is always preferable over dial up, but you take what you can get. Believe me, I have been in some very remote areas of the world and was surprised at the high speed connections available! If for some reason you cannot afford an internet connection you can always go hang out at your local McDonalds or Starbucks ... they provide FREE WiFi service for the price of a cup of coffee.

I also like to back up all my stuff on a handy, dandy USB stick. In a pinch you can plug this baby into any computer with a USB port and get to work. You can buy these for "cheap" at places like, they will hold up to 8 GB of information and that, my friends, is a whole bunch of info! These tiny lifesavers come in all kinds of neat designs like the VW cars or you can have them with dual purpose, like a pen or key chain. Be sure to check these out.

A telephone is nice to have, but much of your verbal communication can be done VOIP, or voice over the internet with either a headset or handset and VOIP, if not free, is VERY inexpensive.

These are the basics to begin your Top 10 internet marketing business. That, and of course a desire to succeed. Are you up for the challenge?


Friday, July 18, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - the Beginning!

Internet Marketing, you say? What in the world is that and why would I want to do it, let alone need tips?

I know, I know, when us "baby boomers" were growing up we talked proudly of becoming nurses, teachers, policemen, doctors and lawyers .... so who are these new breed of career professionals labeled internet marketers, anyway?

Well, an internet marketer would be someone who uses the computer and in turn the world wide web to earn their living. There is a whole grab bag full of folks who sell, promote and advertise either "real" products that can be sent to your house, like a toaster, or "E-Products" that can be downloaded or uploaded to your computer in mere moments. Pretty neat, huh?

In addition, there are people who lecture, teach and basically promote their own or others products on the net that can give you instant gratification.

Internet marketers can also become what's known as an" affiliate marketer" and get a percentage of every sale that they make from their website using products from another company. Kind of like a middle man.

To make money online is not difficult, but to make a TON of money on the internet is another story all together ... that takes strategy, tactics and savvy that we will blog about.

There are so many tips and tricks out there that it is nearly impossible to keep up, but with your help we will get down to the nuts and bolts and then plunge into some of the really exotic techniques to bring your sales up to crazy levels!

So stay tuned and check back often ........ Top 10 Internet Marketing Tips!