Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Social Lead Chief - Be on the Cutting Edge!

Social Lead Chief is a cutting edge tool that allows the user to create profit pulling survey, poll, and quiz campaigns DIRECTLY in the Facebook news feed! This translates into a higher engagement on your Facebook posts, lower ad spend, more leads, and most of the time a better ROI – usually credited due to the viral capability!

EVERYTHING is easy to setup; choose your theme, set up your questions & answers, and put in your auto-responder form… and that’s just scratching the tip iceberg!

  • Creates Profit Pulling Surveys In Newsfeed!
  • Micro Commitment Style INSIDE FACEBOOK.
  • Drastically INCREASES post engagement!
  • Drag ‘N Drop Interface!
  • Segment Leads Based Of The Answers Given
  • Loads more… Watch the demo!