Friday, July 18, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - the Beginning!

Internet Marketing, you say? What in the world is that and why would I want to do it, let alone need tips?

I know, I know, when us "baby boomers" were growing up we talked proudly of becoming nurses, teachers, policemen, doctors and lawyers .... so who are these new breed of career professionals labeled internet marketers, anyway?

Well, an internet marketer would be someone who uses the computer and in turn the world wide web to earn their living. There is a whole grab bag full of folks who sell, promote and advertise either "real" products that can be sent to your house, like a toaster, or "E-Products" that can be downloaded or uploaded to your computer in mere moments. Pretty neat, huh?

In addition, there are people who lecture, teach and basically promote their own or others products on the net that can give you instant gratification.

Internet marketers can also become what's known as an" affiliate marketer" and get a percentage of every sale that they make from their website using products from another company. Kind of like a middle man.

To make money online is not difficult, but to make a TON of money on the internet is another story all together ... that takes strategy, tactics and savvy that we will blog about.

There are so many tips and tricks out there that it is nearly impossible to keep up, but with your help we will get down to the nuts and bolts and then plunge into some of the really exotic techniques to bring your sales up to crazy levels!

So stay tuned and check back often ........ Top 10 Internet Marketing Tips!

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